Friday, October 7, 2016

Friday's Weekly Round-Up - 288

October 7, 1849 -  the death of Edgar Allan Poe. 
More Allen-Ginsberg-on-Poe postings here, here and here 

October 2017 marks the Centennial of the English poet David Gascoyne. Enitharmon, his English publisher, have taken the occasion to reprint a 1986 letter/memoir/note he wrote to Allen - See here  

October in the Railroad Earth - October is Kerouac month… (every month is Kerouac month! - but this month (this weekend) in Lowell, Massachusetts, it's the annual Lowell Celebrates Kerouac). Full details about the weekend's activities - here

Allen Ginsberg En Route to G(h)ent (from 1979)  - another rare cassette just out from Counter Culture Chronicles - "An intimate look, Allen Ginsberg on tour in 1979 (in Belgium/ Holland), featuring Peter Orlovsky, Harry Hoogstraten and Steven Taylor - Allen and his party travel by bus to Ghent after a successful reading at the Leeuwerik in Eindhoven. They are joined on the trip by organizer Benn Possett, Simon Vinkenoog and a clueless journalist. Harry's beau Suze Hahn is at the wheel. Allen talks about politics, his relationship with Jack Kerouac, recites poetry, and gives a crash course on traditional and modern verse. The conversation continues at a local bookshop. We follow Allen to the concert hall and the tape concludes with a couple of songs on stage."

David S Wills has an interesting article over at Beatdom this week - Chinese Kerouac covers!
Here's one  (but he features many):

Andy Clausen is interviewed by The Sunflower Collective on the Beats and Allen, and shouldn't be missed - here 

Jeanne Hodesh interviews Hettie Jones (on the occasion of the publication of her 
correspondence with Helene Dorn (Love H), and, similarly, shouldn't be missed - here 

Martin Scorcese's 2005 Bob Dylan documentary, No Direction Home  (featuring, amongst other things, this interview with Allen) receives a 10th anniversary digital/Blu-Ray box-set release (available in the coming weeks) - See more about that upcoming release - here 

More anniversaries - October 7, 1955, Allen performs "Howl" for the first time at the Six Gallery    (" I saw the best minds of my generation…")

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