Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Bob Dylan Touring With The Grateful Dead

Wanting to keep the Grateful Dead theme going this week. Here's "Bob Dylan Touring with The Grateful Dead"  (from "Wait Until I'm Dead"). 

Warning - only minimum Grateful Dead content! (but plenty of content!) 

Bob Dylan Touring with the Grateful Dead 

Bob Dylan Touring with the Grateful Dead
acid crowd federal narcs in the capitol, alert alert,
Now's their chance
Boy George already forgotten in headline video
pleads new songs even in pain
indifferent yuppie high school tank topped athletes
               shudder blonde bodies vomiting in the back
car carshed into an Iowas lamp pole
better not get high in the Detroit stadium naked for the
              narcs, a busy, a bust
the agricultural poet drunk in his red bikini in the
              Buddhist garden
if I feel dread, what feels he alone with his family crazy
              in outer Long Island?
Where can he go with alcohol and the landlord's
             eviction notice comes to us all?
gentrification will oust us from our nest
where put books and file cabinets heavy with paper
Wake, smoke another cigarette with aching back
the last in breath through cancered throat
too late to go back to college a smokeless virgin
lead a purist spotless life of commercial crime
unfair, an 80-year-old stepmother's bride broods in her
             garden apartment
who'll change the light bulb,
climb up on the ladder and fix the triumph of death on
             the wall?
Have I learned the Book Of The Dead in time?
breathing Manhattan's springtime
bomb Libya,
Ukranian wheat crop poisoned by radioactive burst
whispers in the UN corridors 10th floor
the Secretary General sees a black cloud approach 
over Queens and Brooklyn in a hundred years
down the street Gregory tokes a joint by Dag
             Hammarskjold's private bus stop
the driver smelt incense, out of the kiosk he whispered
             to the supervisor
What's that smell? Is that a police patrol by the fire
Where will the drunken farmer go if they kick him out
            of the Buddhist retreat?
the sky turned black
dread heaven over Columbia Library dome
and later in the bookstore, animal clerks glared
             wounded behind the cash register  
skeletons standing in place behind the counters and     
filled with Plotinus and Thomas Aquinas

ca. May 22, 1986

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