Friday, July 22, 2016

Friday's Weekly Round-Up - 277

More gems from the Paris Pompidou Center Beat Generation show:

                          [Wallace Berman - Untitled (Allen Ginsberg)  (1960)] 

[Gregory Corso - "There Is No More Street Corner" - undated - poem/manuscript]


Brion Gysin - “Calligraphie,” (1960)]

See also Pauline Magdeleinat's wonderful installation photos from the Pompidou show, (in Slash) - here 

and read Geoff Dyer in The Spectator on John Cohen's famous shot - "The picture that captures why Jack Kerouac will last forever" 

More on Beats-on-film - There's an impressive all-month-long film series currently taking place - 34 Beat-related movies! - (see here) - in Brazil 

More Summertime Round-Up - An interview with Allen  first published in Folha de São Paulo) and seven poems (in Portuguese) - see here 

We reported a few months back on our friend David S Wills over at Beatdom  and his horrendous data-loss  - more disturbing data-loss news - On June 27, without prior warning, Google summarily disabled poet-author, Dennis Cooper's blog, along with his 
g-mail account, with no more than a generic notification that he had "violated Google's terms of service". Cooper has tried unsuccesfully, for several weeks now, to get an explanation for the disabling of his accounts and to learn whether he will ever be able to retrieve the large trove of materials and creative work (over 14 years of work) that he'd had posted there.
For more on this story - see here and here and here (there are troubling censorship issues as well as wider concerns of data-storage)
Please, if you have time, go to this site - and  sign the petition - here  

There'll be a memorial for Bill Berkson tomorrow (Saturday) at the San Franciso Art Institute - We've noted some of the obituary notices and memories of him here - here's several more - from poet-friends, Lewis Warsh, Anne Waldman, Bernadette Mayer, John Ashbery - from art-world friends, David Levi Strauss, Robert Storr - ex-students, Jarrett Earnest, Patricia Maloney… As well as tomorrow's memorial in San Francisco, there'll be another one (more details to be announced) taking place in New York City in September.  

                                 [George Schneeman and Bill Berkson - "Stars Fell" (2008) - Painter-Poet Collaboration]

And in LA tonight - don't forget/don't miss Pat Thomas' presentation of  The Last Word on First Blues at Beyond Baroque (with additional special guest Ronee Blakley) - (and, for added Beatnik cred, Pat on bongos! - like we say, certainly, not to be missed!) 

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