Alison Flood's illuminating article in The Guardian last week about Andrew Lees' new book - Mentored By A Madman - The William Burroughs Experiment - "How William Burroughs' drug experiments helped neurological research" is well worth reading 
- "Sixty years after William S Burroughs journeyed into the South American rainforests and took the hallucinogenic infusion, yage, the respected neuroscientist, Andrew Lees has written a memoir telling how the Beat legend inspired his own trip to the Amazon, where he experimented on himself with the potion to further his medical research into Parkinson's Disease.."

Burroughs is also the focus of Kaleem Aftab's twin-review in the London Independent  of two movies now playing in London - Howard Brookner's 1983 Burroughs - The Movie ("one of the most intimate and intriguing portraits of the iconic author") and Aaron Brookner (his nephew)'s Uncle Howard. Brookner, the younger, is quoted:
 "I think people who are into Burroughs and (that) film will love Uncle Howard. I have had lots of people who know nothing about Burroughs that have walked away with a lot from Uncle Howard. In a way they (the two films) are similar because Burroughs is about Burroughs but also about the time in New York and what is going on, and my film, if you will, is about New York, but it goes deeper and beyond as it's about the whole of the 'Eighties."