Monday, May 30, 2016

Peter Orlovsky Parinirvana

It's Peter Orlovsky's parinirvana again. Remembering Allen's life-time love, Peter.

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also, noticing his passing - here

and (recommended) - Steve Silberman's touching 2010 elegy - here 

and Rob Epstein and Jeffrey Friedman's memories -  here

The New York Times & Washington Post obituaries

& Tom Clark's memory-posting - here 

Ann Charters in the English Bookshop in Stockholm in 2014 recalls, in some depth, her relationship with. and memories of, Peter, reading from Bill Morgan's book, Peter Orlovsky - A Life In Words (including a reading of Allen's "Malest Cornifici Tuo Catullo" and "Sunflower Sutra" - for their Orlovsky connection, and a reading by her husband Sam of two of (Jack) Kerouac's Mexico City Blues

Rose Feliu Pettet recalls Peter Orlovsky here  - and further video moments from St Marks Poetry Project's 2010 memorial  may be glimpsed  here

Here's the unforgettable voice of Peter singing "
You Are My Dildo" (sic)

and an odd-little-item, a Peter Orlovsky rehearsal tape (Peter making several attempts at a version of William Blake's "A Dream" (from Songs of Innocence) ("home, home, home"), as well as, (half-recognizeable), a paean to Tibetan saint, Milarepa (to that unforgettable tune of  "You Are My Dildo")

Here's Peter as a saint or holy man (or, at least playing one!), Rick Shaw (sic), in rare footage from Marc Israel's 2001 film, Frankenstein's Little Monster

More Orlovsky on the Ginsberg blog: 

Here's selections from the beautiful Ginsberg-Orlovsky letters, Straight Hearts Delight

Here's a 1975 reading with Jackson MacLow

and here's a challenging"triple X" reading

Here's Peter, continuing to be sex-positive (from Constanzo Allione's Fried Shoes And Cooked Diamonds

and more rare footage of Peter reading - here

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