Saturday, April 2, 2016

Anne Waldman's Birthday

Anne Waldman's birthday today. It's become a regular feature here on the Allen Ginsberg Project. See earlier Anne Waldman birthday celebrations here,  here,  herehere, and  here
Her reading in 1977 with Allen can be heard here - (see also here and here)
A more recent (December 2015) posting on the comprehensive on-line celebration of her work (on the occasion of her 70th birthday) on Jim Cohn's Napalm Health Spa can be viewed here
and for more - much more - go here to her official web-site 

Anne Waldman, this past November, pitching for Naropa's Jack Kerouac school - here - ("And I think another slogan, for Allen and I, early on, was, you know, "We want poetry to wake the world up to itself"..)

Anne, accompanied by Ambrose Bye, Brian Frazier and Devin Waldman at the St Marks Poetry Project (January) 2016 New Year's Marathon - "Future Feminism" - (video courtesy Thelma Blitz

Here's Anne from Springtime last year for WNYC's Spinning on Air, reading "Sleeping with the Hungry Ghost" 

and, from the same session, "Anthropocene Blues"

Here she is reading her classic poem/chant,  "Makeup on Empty Space" - 

from Anne Waldman's discussion of Allen Ginsberg, (Tennessee Tech, Cookeville,Tennessee),
    (amateur video of it here and here

"Ambrose [my son] and I actually visited him in the hospital and he was so concerned about
everybody else. He was phoning his friends, saying, "What do you need? Do you need
money? how can I help you?, I'm going to die, but I want to do what I can. I mean, it was
a really shining example of generosity at a difficult time. Anyway, we were, you know,
arrested at Rocky Flats together, and I traveled with him many places, watched him on
stage, watched him be this extraordinary ambassador for sanity and peace and justice and
fighting for civil rights and freedom of speech (I mean, you still can't play his poem "Howl"
on the radio, between the hours of, I think, 6 a.m. and 10 p.m., that sort of thing, so,
censorship, so, just watching him, you know, in very particular situations, be, you know,
be at his best "

"Once we were climbing to a.. we were in a Buddhist retreat and he was having altitude
problems and I think at that point he was having some issues withdiabetes and had to
watch his diet, but he..we were climbing, and it was so symbolic, you know, like climbing,
climbing the mountain ( a hill, really) just to get up to this camp-site where we going to be
doing some poems, and he was completely out of breath and I keptsaying, you know, we
should go back, you can't really do this, you need to go back to your tent and get some sleep.
And he said, no, no, no, because, when I get there, I'll feel so much… you know, I'll be myself.
And there was a sense of aspiration always with him, going the extra step and, of course, by
the time he got there, he was renewed (he was always renewed by his… you know, he
worked very hard, you know (he died too young - he was only in his early seventies), but he
was always going, pushing. So that's an image of just..hearing him breathing, hearing him,
you know, struggle for his breath, and yet the need to persevere."

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