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Allen Ginsberg, Montreal, 1969 - Q & A - 3 (The Appointment)

Setting up An Appointment - A moment of quotidian practicality - A non-event on the Ginsberg blog today (we don't even have tape of the subsequent interview!) 

(from 1969)

Interviewer: Mr Ginsberg, I’m from CBC - Hi! 
AG: Hi 
Interviewer:  We would like to interview you tonight which wouldn’t take very long. Would you be willing?
AG: Ah, well, what time?
Interviewer:  7.30 to 8.30
AG: I guess, ok, it’s just that I wanted to do some socializing and go downtown... 
Where are you? Where’s your office?
Interviewer: ….The studio's in Verdun, actually.
AG: Where’s that? Far away? 
Interviewer: Fifteen minutes by cab
AG: Well, if you can provide a cab, so that I can get back to where I want to be. 
Interviewer: Sure. Great. Could you be there at 7.30, then?
AG: What time would I have to leave my hotel?
Interviewer: Quarter after seven
AG: And where can I phone to get a cab if I’m not at my hotel?
Interviewer: You can get one right outside this hotel
AG: What if I’m not there?
Interviewer: Oh, 5000 Wellington..
AG: Pardon me?
Interviewer: 5000 Wellington.
Student:  You could be there at the hotel and...
AG: No, I may not be at the hotel. I don't know where I'll be. I guess I'll be at the hotel.. 
Student: We can give you the address and there are cabs
AG: Five?  
Interviewer: Five thousand. On the corner of...
Student:You have a car or something?
Interviewer; No I don't have a car.
AG: I go to CBC ?
Interviewer Yeah.
AG: 5000 Wellington..
Interviewer; It's at the corner of Wellington and Fifth Street
AG: That's where CBC is?
Interviewer: No,  that's where the studio is. Verdun studio.
AG: And that's what? Verdun you said?
Interviewer: It's Verdun..
AG: Okay, and I should be there..
Interviewer; At 7.30?
AG: And how far is that from downtown hotel here? - how many minutes?
Interviewer: Fifteen minutes
AG: So if I could take a cab around seven, I'd be sure to be there in plenty of time.
Interviewer: Yeah
AG Okay
Interviewer: And I'll meet you there.
AG: What's your name?
Interviewer:  Barbara..
AG: And do you have a phone?
Interviewer; Yeah, I'll give you my number at the office, it's 868-3211
AG: Okay
Interviewer: Extension 1724
AG; 1727
interviewer: 1724
AG; 1724  okay
Interviewer; Monday…Tuesday
AG: Okay Barbara

addenda (a little bit later): 

Student: Line one..hold on please..Allen, there’s a call for you about the radio show that you’re supposed to do….

“Mr Allen Ginsberg is up here with us , sponsored by the McGill Hillel Jewish  Society and the McGill Debating Union to give us, a to give McGill University a poetry reading tomorrow evening at 8pm at the Union Ballroom. There’ll be a question-and-answer period after the poetry reading as well tomorrow. Mr Ginsberg is here for a press conference. Fire away any questions you may have at him,. he’ll be happy to entertain them. So if you can please have your questions

to be continued..

[Audio for the above can be heard here, beginning at approximately seven-and-a-quarter minutes in (in the fourth segment), and continuing until approximately nine-and-a-half minutes in - plus from approximately thirteen-and-a-quarter minutes in to approximately thirteen-and-three-quarters in]

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