Friday, February 12, 2016

Friday's Weekly Round-Up - 255

[Bernie Sanders and Allen Ginsberg, Burlington Vermont, 1983 - Photograph ©Phyllis Segura.1983]

This week, do we need to run again the Ginsberg Bernie Sanders poem? (see above a picture of their 1983 face-to-face)

Allan M Jalon discusses the meeting of their two minds (and interviews Eliot Katz and Bill Morgan) today in the Jewish Daily Forward

Here's an earlier (vintage) picture of Allen (from the remarkable SUNY Buffalo University Archives)

          [Allen Ginsberg at the State University of New York at  Buffalo, 1966 - Photograph © University of Buffalo Archives

And here (for no particular reason) another Allen snap

                                                    [Allen Ginsberg at Gemini G.E.L artists studio, Los Angeles, 1996]

Le Tympan Marteau, formed by actor and performer Franck Andrieux, is an organization based in Lille (France). 
Last year, he combined with Benjamin Duboc on double bass and Christian Pruvost on trumpet to produce "Allen Ginsberg's Dances". The digital album is available here. Video-clips of the work in performance just this week appeared on You Tube and are available here, here, here and here

Simon Warner, author of the essential compilation Text and Drugs and Rock 'n' Roll - The Beats and Rock Culture, and one of the organizers of the upcoming European Beat Studies Conference in Manchester, England, this summer, is profiled on Michalis Limnios'  continuingly exhaustive Blues@Greece space, we're happy to report - see here 

Allen Ginsberg Visiting Fellow at the Jack Kerouac School at Naropa this year is Hoa Nguyen. She read and spoke this past Monday at the Performance Art Center on the Arapahoe Campus. More on that occasion here 

                                                                     [Hoa Nguyen]

No major reviews yet of the new Ginsberg book, Wait Till I’m Dead but check out this early word from Forever Lost in Literature - here

Marcia Resnick's show, Poets, Punks and Provacateurs continues at the Howl Happening space in New York. We featured Allen last week. Here's Gregory Corso

                        [Gregory Corso  - Photograph by Marcia Resnick - from Poets, Punks and Provacateurs]

& here's another image from that collection:
 [Allen Ginsberg, Peter Orlovsky, Gregory Corso and William Burroughs - Photograph by Marcia Resnick - from Poets, Punks and Provacateurs]

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