Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Another Student Assignment Poem - After "Lyke Wake Dirge"

Another Student Assignment Poem - After "Lyke Wake Dirge"

Allen's January, 1980 Naropa classAllen begins with a spontaneous couplet 

AG: "Turn in your homework this or next hour /and mark them with paradigms if it is in your power"

"And if you haven’t got it to turn it in now/ mark it up with your accents and I’ll pick it up Thursday, anyhow"

Next..what was it? –there were some paradigms, some imitations of “This ae night” (Lyke Wake Dirge).  [to Student] - You got that one? want to try  it?

Student:   Okay.  It’s called "Boulderado’s Blue Brew" – [Student begins reading] 
One round will do will do/As we drink a brew/a shot of booze one or two/ and damned to be are you/ /Sing so sweet, sing so sweet,/ as we drink a brew/Home to Mom to suck her teat/ and damned  to be are you.."

AG: And damp?  are what?

Student: "And damned to be are you" - [continues] - "..Tip the glass, enrich the soul/As we drink a brew/Smash smash, bang the bowls/ and damned to be are you/O, I hear them calling blue/ as we drink a brew/a shot of booze/a slimy screw/And damned to be are you/Take the knife, cut the tongue/ as we drink a brew/(cool here young, cool here young)/ but damned to be are you/So place your feet most fast/while we drink a brew/Until the time has come to pass/ that damned to be are you/One round will do, will do/ As we drink a brew/ A shot of booze one or two/ and damned to be are you"

AG: That's pretty good. Actually, that’s interesting. I never had any.. I never worked in community with people trying to write rhythmic verse, rhythmic rhymed verse, so.. I'm sort of aghast

Student: It’s fun.

AG: find  sometimes, when people don’t have a clear picture in mind, at least they can swing - which is nice.

[Audio for the above can be heard here, beginning at approximately forty-one-and-a-half minutes in and concluding at approximately forty-three-and-three-quarter minutes in] 

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