Saturday, January 9, 2016

Herbert Huncke 101 (Huncke's Window)

["Herbert Huncke, New York, 1984, my kitchen, at the table, wry conversation - his new manuscript, Guilty of Everything, still to be edited" - later amended to "Herbert Huncke - aged 69 - retired fron the street on Methadone program, head tilted wise-eyed for wry conversation, about to say something charming, flattering or honest, at the kitchen table, New York March 1984" (Ginsberg caption) - Photo © Allen Ginsberg Estate]

Herbert Huncke, the "Beat Godfather", was celebrated at a Centennial last year. See here - (and also here and here). (also here). For today, for the 101, a little quieter celebration. 

Laki Vazakas, videographer, documentarian, and long-time friend of Huncke's, (his full-length portrait Huncke and Louis is a definitive document, not to be missed)  presents "Huncke's Window", an elegaic pan around Room 828 in the Chelsea Hotel (Huncke's latter-day location).
 Music is by Ross Goldstein. 

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