Thursday, January 28, 2016

Amnesiac Thirst For Fame

Amnesiac Thirst For Fame 

An “autograph hound” armed

with a golden platter and a 


kneeled before John and

   killed the Beatles.

 A stringy-haired artist

tiptoed thru St. Peter’s

and unsculpted


polished marble elbow with a


Christ defenseless lying in his

   stone Mama’s arms.

 Staring out of the canvas

   under their Feathered Hats

Rembrandt’s Night Watchers

were blind to the Slasher

that tore thru their coats with 

   a razor.

Did someone steal Mona

   Lisa’s smile forever from

   the Louvre? 


Originally published in Rolling Stone magazine, January, 1981, though written a month before, around the time of John Lennon's assassination, December 8, 1980, "Amnesiac Thirst For Fame" is one of the one-hundred-and-three poems soon to be made available in Wait Till I'm Dead - UnCollected Poems by Allen Ginsberg to be published by Grove-Atlantic.  Two further short earlier poems are available here

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