Tuesday, June 30, 2015

William Blake - Auguries of Innocence 2 (Bells Theorem)

[“Each outcry of the hunted hare/A fibre from the Brain does tear"  (William Blake) ]

Student: (...In the electronic universe, every living thing is connected to every other,       everything is connected, by a law or theorem..) 

AG: Yeah, ok , well, but not..  because they’re connected.. Okay, but, so..  a sharp cry would precipitate a shock(ed) brainwave..

Student: (..every atom (would)…)

AG: Well, first of all, you said it – every atom..  Well, at least, every atom bumps into every other atom, sooner or later …  

Student: Instantaneously.

AG: Instantaneously. 

AG: Does it really happen that way?

Student: ( (Within)  a fair amount of (time and space))

AG: That’s pretty vast! – You’re sure.. you’re sure you mean, actually - not by telepathy, or something?

Student: Bell’s Theorem.

AG: Bell’s Theorem.

Student: Bell’s Theorem.

AG; Bell’s Theorem. What is that? What is it?

Student: Well, I don’t know exactly but ..

AG: Does anybody know that? Bell’s Theorem..It’s interesting..

Student: They did an experiment with yoghurt (sic) on Times Square. Some guy.. (experimenting with) a lie-detector..

Student 2 : Cleve Backster

                                 [Cleve Backster (1924-2013)  seen here experimenting with the consciousness of plants]

Student (to Student 2):  You know about it!

Student:  (Yes)

AG: Well, (but) I would like to stick to some sort of literal (model), rather than telepathy or something.

Student: It’s not about telepathy...

AG: Okay (then). Go on.

Student; (Well, it's like she said), the yoghurt that stood in the metal containers knows (knew) when it was getting fed – How about that ? 

AG: (William) Blake is simpler –“A dog starv’d at his Masters Gate/Predicts the ruin of the state” - that the cruelty that would literally starve the dog, the cruel.. the quality of emotion that would starve the dog, would be a quality, if prevalent in the state, (that) would ruin the state, (obviously). I mean, it’s something that doesn’t need that kind of mysticum, so to speak. It’s more simple . The nice thing about these are these are more simple.

"A Skylark wounded in the wing /A Cherubim does cease to sing"

"The Game-Cock, clipd & armd for fight/Does the Rising Sun affright"

[Audio for the above can be heard here, beginnning at approximately fourteen and a half minutes in and concluding at approximately fifteen-and-three-quarter minutes in]

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