Thursday, June 4, 2015

And All The Hills Echo-ed - Ginsberg in 1986 in Belgrade

"And all the hills echo-ed" - Allen delighted in performing this one - "The Nurse's Song" (from "Songs of Innocence and Experience" by William Blake). 

Here's two alternative versions of the song  here and here 

The one featured today, (showing him performing it in 1986, in Belgrade, accompanied, as ever, by the redoubtable and accomplished Steven Taylor), is excerpted from Milhailo Ristic's 2011 film of Allen, Hydrogen Jukebox  (Hidrogenski dzuboks)

"And all the hills echo-ed" (the last line)

 - "The last line is like a mantra repeated over and over again - and so we can all sing along..because, you've been listening to me long enough, maybe you can breath with some sound on your breath? - In any case, if you don't know how to sing, it'll sound better!"

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