Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Meditation and Poetics - 90 - Haiku - 3 (more from Zenrin-kushu)

                     ["To have the sun and moon in one sleeve/To hold the universe in the palm of one's hand"]

Allen continues from the Zenrin-kushu

"To have the sun and moon in one sleeve./ To hold the universe in the palm of one's hand"

Then there's a line by (W.B.) Yeats - "I carry the sun in a golden cup and the moon in a silver bag."

"If you don't get it from  yourself,/Where will you go for it" - "If you don't get it from yourself,/Where will you go for it - Where else will you go for it?

"Though we lean together on the same balustrade/ the colors of the mountain are not the same."

"Taking up one blade of grass/ use it as a sixteen-foot golden Buddha" - That was Gary Snyder's favorite.

"The blue hills are, of themselves, blue hills/ The white clouds are, of themselves, white clouds."

"Nothing whatever is hidden/ From of old, all is clear as daylight."

"Seeing, they see not./ Hearing, they hear not."

"Just one pistil of the plum flower/ and the three thousand worlds are fragrant."

"Every man has beneath his feet/ enough ground to do sitting meditation on" - "Every man has beneath his feet/ enough ground to do zazen on."

"If you meet an enlightened man in the street/ don't greet him with words, nor with silence."

"The water before…" - [(this is the mind again)] - "The water before and the water after/now and forever flowing, following each other."

"There's no place to seek the mind/ It's like the footprints of birds in the sky." - [(I always liked that)]

"Sitting quietly, doing nothing/Spring comes, grass grows of itself."

"The mouth desires to speak/the words disappear." - "The heart desires to associate itself but the thoughts fade away."

"If you wish to know the road up the mountain/ go ask the man who goes back and forth on it."

"Simply, you must empty "is" of meaning/ and not take "is not" as real."

"The geese don't wish to leave their reflection behind./ The water has no mind to retain their image."

"The old tree leans over the waves, its cold image swaying/Mist hovers above the grass, the evening sun fading."

"If you don't believe, look at September, look at October,/ How the yellow leaves fall and fill mountain and river." 

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