Friday, May 8, 2015

Friday May 8 - Gary Snyder's Birthday

    [Gary Snyder - July 2002 - Photo by John Suiter]

Gary Snyder's 85th birthday today.  Here's Gary interviewed by Eliot Weinberger, back in 1992, for the Paris Review. Here's the full interview that appeared four years later in the Paris Review. 

Here's more recent Snyder (from last month) interviewed on NPR and reading from his newest book, This Present Moment 

and the recent (April 22) Colorado College lecture and reading, "The Practice of the Wild"

Looking forward to John Suiter's upcoming biography .
Here's an excerpt from Suiter-on-Gary (from his wonderful Poets on the Peaks 

and not forgetting the Ginsberg-Snyder correspondence

Previous Gary Snyder birthday salutes on the Allen Ginsberg Project
and here

Happy Birthday, Gary!


  1. My favourite zen beat poet! I would recommend his "Mountains and Rivers Without End". Drawings, text, and 2 CDs of his reading.

  2. Best wishes to a wonderful master and guru.