Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Lawrence Ferlinghetti's Birthday

"There's always hope in love. Love and hate are viruses. Love can make a civilization bloom and hate can kill a civilization" - Lawrence Ferlinghetti is ninety-six years old today. Many happy returns of the day, Lawrence! 

The quote comes from a revealing profile from San Francisco news station, KQED (including a must-see video portrait by Adam Grossberg - Ferlinghetti bemoans what's happened to his home-town, San Francisco - and all over!)

"With Lawrence Ferlinghetti's last breath, San Francisco will become a different city" ( San Francisco - A Map of PerceptionsAndrea Ponsi).  

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Currently up at the Marin Museum of Contemporary Art - Legends of the Bay Area - Lawrence Ferlinghetti. The show will be up until April 5th

Ferlinghetti's next book, Writing Across The Landscape - Travel Journals (1950-2013) (edited by Giada Diano and Matthew Gleeson), will be coming out this Fall (due out from Liveright in September) 

and, prior to that, (in June, from City Lights) - I Greet You At The Beginning of A Great Career - The Selected Correspondence of Lawrence Ferlinghetti and Allen Ginsberg (1955-1997) (edited by Bill Morgan).


  1. Happy Birthday to a great man- Lawrence Ferlinghetti <3

  2. Happy Birthday Lawrence!

    I would love to hear you read out loud. :-)

    TY. Enjoy the view!

  3. Happy Birthday to a wonderful poet. I still remember hearing you read your poetry and speak at Carnegie Hall in Pittsburgh when I was a freshmen in college. It brings a smile to my face even now.

  4. hmm thought Liveright went out of business. thanks for the blog as always.

  5. One spring morning in 1970, I was sitting on the bulldog sculpture in front of thre UGA student center, crowds swirling around it as they assembled for an anti-war rally.

    A smiling young man appeared and handed me a well-thumbed copy of "A Coney Island of the Mind". "Here," he said, "you'll like this."

    That moment encapsulates the era for me. Happy birthday, Mr. Ferlinghetti!