Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Meditation and Poetics - 22

Student: What was that again?

AG: The Chinese Written Character as a Medium for Poetry - by Ezra Pound (or, edited from the papers of the late Professor Ernest Fenollosa by Ezra Pound)

Student: (And also) "Visions of Ordinary Mind"

AG: Huh?

Student: "Visions of Ordinary Mind"

AG: Oh yeah. Another reference - somewhat similar, but parallel - long-winded, a typescript of a lecture I gave here [Naropa] two years ago [1976] called "Visions of Ordinary Mind" (which you can get in the library - I think it must be in the library here, or down.. [to Student] - Do you know where it is? - I think it was put up here.

Student: Yeah, I think

AG: In the Reference (section)?

Student: Reserve

AG: Reserve - "Visions of Ordinary Mind" - by me - corollary to those pieces.

My mind is rambling a little. Actually, I'm in a bit of a hypocritic position because I didn't do any sitting (practice) today and it's preying on my mind, because one of the things I wanted to do was actually sit every time. And I've been sitting through all this, but I got freaked out on other matters, reading (Marcel) Proust today. The conditions of my teaching are that I sit, otherwise it's ridiculous to try and propose meditation and poetics and not myself be sitting - or yourselves, for that matter..

[Editorial Note - "Visions of Ordinary Mind" (1948-1955) - Discourse with Question and Answers" appears, transcribed, in Volume 2 of  Talking Poetics From Naropa Institute - Annals of the Jack Kerouac School (1978), Shambhala Publications (edited by Anne Waldman and Marilyn Webb)]

[Audio for the above may be heard here, beginning at approximately ten-and-a-half minutes in and concluding at approximately twelve minutes in] 

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