Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Joanne Kyger's 80th Birthday

Joanne Kyger and Donald Guravich
[Joanne Kyger and Donald Guravich in 2007 - Photograph by Cirrelda Snider-Bryan]

The remarkable, wonderful, Joanne Kyger, turns eighty-years-old today! - Impossible to believe! - Happy Birthday, dear Joanne! 

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Here's Allen's vintage (March 1962) photo - (his caption):  "Joanne Kyger, hills leading to Himalayan Peaks, studying guidebook on wall in Amora, we were on Pilgrimage to Buddhist sites, here visiting Lama Govinda.."

Some recent video(s) - Joanne on her colorful West Coast history (as part of a panel at the recent (May 2014) Cascadia Poetry Festival) - here (starting approximately five-and-half minutes in)
her presentation at last month's Richard Brautigan symposium at UC Berkeley, "I Watched The World…30 Years After Brautigan" 
(Joanne's contribution comes approximately forty-eight-and-three-quarter minutes in)  - 
"(I'm) reading from some prepared notes, briefly. If I don't read from them, you just might find me with my jaw hanging open in the middle of a reminiscence!'' - Also on the panel on this occasion, David Meltzer and Michael McClure


  1. She's the best of the west and the rest and the quest!

  2. A wonderful poet and pal. My own interview/tribute: