Wednesday, September 17, 2014

William Carlos Williams' Birthday

[William Carlos Williams (1883-1963) - Photograph courtesy the Yale Collection of America Literature, Beinecke Rare Book and Manuscript Library]

September 17 is William Carlos Williams birthday. Williams has been featured pretty extensively on this blog (not the least as the focus of a whole lecture series by Allen -   
"Mind, Mouth and Page" - here's the first episode.  

We cordially invite you to follow along with the entire lecture series  (check out, for just a few examples, here, here and here)

Here's a few of the other Williams postings that you might have missed:

 - our initial Williams' posting - "Spiritual Poetics"

Allen's 1975 William Carlos Williams Naropa class

- our 2012 Williams birthday posting 

- William Carlos Williams's "Thursday" (meditation)

- how could we forget the "Plums"?

- and "Young Sycamore" ("this is one that some of the painters like")

- and we love to tell this story! 

We've featured this footage before - but , why not? - here it is again (from the 1988 PBS series, "Voices and Visions", after some brief words from Williams' friend (and publisher), James Laughlin, Allen [audio only] reading from Spring And All

There's much more Williams here. We've randomly selected the following - the complete recording of his 1945 reading at The Library of Congress - but it's all great!

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