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Extended Poetics - 67 - (More Khlebnikov - 1 - Incantation By Laughter)

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[Velimir Khlebnikov (1885-1922),  in 1908, aged 23]

AG: Now I would like to go back to 1908, a few years before that, to (Velimir) Khlebnikov, who was, for Russian Futurism, the great master of all these mad forms and breakthroughs. We had a little bit of Khlebnikov before, since, actually, you might say, after (Arthur) Rimbaud, he may be the first modern poet. I don't know who influenced who  - there were the Italian Futurists with (Filippo) Marinetti and there were (the) Russian Futurists, Khlebnikov and (Vladimir) Mayakovsky - and the Russians began their outrageous poetry (in) 1905, (19)o7, (19)08, (19)09, 1910. The Italian Futurists had similar experiments around the same time.
Is Richard Poe here?

Student: Yes, he is

AG: Ah.. Richard..  would it be possible to do… do we have the…"Incantation by Laughter" still? Mr Poe? Is that around? What book was it in? The Russian? - Ah, it was in the other one.. Okay. Maybe we can get that next time.  There are various translations of it here, but the earliest and most famous war-horse piece of that kind is - 1908 - "Incantation by Laughter", by Velimir Khlebnikov, 1885-1922:
"O laugh it out, you laughsters!/O laugh it up, you laughsters/So they laugh with laughters, so they laugherize delaughly,/O laugh it up belaughably!/O the laughingstock of laughed-upon -- the laugh of Belaughed laughsters /O laugh it out roundlaughingly, the laugh of the laughed-at Laughians!/Laugherino, laugherino,/Laughify laughicate, laugholets, laugholets,/Laughikins, laughikins,/O laugh it out, you laughsters/O laugh it up, you laughsters!" - 
or, "O guff it out you guffsters/O guff it up, you guffsters" - or, "O gig it out, you gigglers!",  "O chuck it out, you chucklers", "O chort it out, you chortlers" - or.. various translations. 

Заклятие смехом

О, рассмейтесь, смехачи!
О, засмейтесь, смехачи!
Что смеются смехами, что смеянствуют смеяльно,
О, засмейтесь усмеяльно!
О, рассмешищ надсмеяльных — смех усмейных смехачей!
О, иссмейся рассмеяльно, смех надсмейных смеячей!
Смейево, смейево!
Усмей, осмей, смешики, смешики!
Смеюнчики, смеюнчики.
О, рассмейтесь, смехачи!
О, засмейтесь, смехачи!

[Velimir Khlebnikov's "Incantation by Laughter" (Заклятие смехом) read in both the original Russian (by Ian Probstein) and in his own English translation (by Charles Bernstein)]

And later, let's see, what else of that era, of that time?. He made experiments in sound poetry - that was his speciality. This is perfect for Russia:
"We incant and recant./There incanting, here recanting,/ Now recanter, now in cantor,/Here recants, there incantist./ From recantate peers incantate./They're recantards, there incantards./And infantries! And recantries!/And recanters! And incantlers!/And incantments and recantments./Keep recanting and incanting." - (Changing your mind) - "We invoke and revoke/There invoking, here revoking/ Now revoker, now invoker,/Here revokeman, there invokeman./From relocate peers invocate./There're revocards, there're invocards./And invocries! And revocries!/And revoclers! And invoclers!/And invokements and revokements./Keep revoking and invoking."
 - Or - "We appeal and repeal..", etc. - Or "We attract and retract..", "We allure and conjure.." - One or the other.
Earlier is
Bo-be-o-bee sang the mouth/Ve-e-o-mee sang the orbs/Pee-e-e-o sang the brows/
Lee-e-e-ey sang the aspect/Gzee-gzee-gze-o sang the chain./Thus on a canvas of the would-be connections/In another dimension there lived the Face.

[Audio for the above may be heard here, beginning at the start and through to approximately four-and-three-quarter minutes in - and also here

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