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William Burroughs - Last Words of Hassan Sabbah

[Hassan-i-Sabbah, "The Old Man of the Mountain"]

Burroughs-month, Burroughs-year, Burroughs-century. Here's yet another posting on William.

Initially in a letter to Allen, written June 21 1960, and appearing in The Yage Letters, and redacted to appear as part of the first chapter of Nova Express, the spoken version (from which the following transcription is taken) appeared on the 1981 Industrial Records release (spearheaded by Genesis P. Orridge, now Genesis Breyer P.Orridge), "Nothing Here Now But The Recordings" - The Last Words of Hassan Sabbah (you all know who Hassan-i-Sabbah was, right?)

The Last Words of Hassan Sabbah 

 Oiga amigos! Oiga amigos! Paco! Enrique! 
 Last words of Hassan Sabbah, 
 The Old Man of the Mountain! 
 Listen to my last words, anywhere! 
 Listen all you boards, governments, syndicates, nations of the world,
 And you, powers behind what filth deals consummated in what lavatory,
 To take what is not yours, 
 To sell out your sons forever! To sell the ground from unborn feet 

 I bear no sick words junk words love words forgive words from Jesus.
 I have not come to explain or tidy up.
 What am I doing over here with the workers, the gooks, the apes, the
 dogs, the errand boys, the human animals? 
 Why don't I come over with the board, and drink coca-cola and make it?
 Explain how the blood, and bones, and brains of a hundred million
 more or less gooks went down the drain in green piss! 
 so you on the boards could use bodies, and minds, and souls that
 were not yours, are not yours, and never will be yours. 
 You have the wrong name and the wrong number! 
 Mr Luce Getty Lee Rockefeller
"Don't let them see us, don't tell them what we are doing! "
Not the cancer deal with the Venusians, not the green deal -
don't let that out,
disaster, automatic disaster.
Crab men! Tape-worms! Intestinal parasites! 
Like Burroughs, that proud American name? 
Proud of what exactly? Would you all like to see exactly what
Burroughs has to be proud of? 
The Mayan Caper, the Centipede Hype,
Short-time racket, the Heavy-metal gimmick? 
All right, Mister Burroughs, who bears my name and my words buried
all the way 
for all to see, 
in Times Square, in Piccadilly, 

Play it all, play it all, play it all back! 
Pay it all, pay it all, pay it all back!

Listen to my last word, any word
Listen, if you value the bodies which you would sell
all souls forever, short time,
minutes to go, blue heavy-metal people -
don't let that out, 
don't show them the blues. 

Are these the words of the all powerful boards, syndicates,
cartels of the earth?
The great banking families, French, English, American,
squeezing the air.
You want Hassan Sabbah to explain that,
to tidy that up.
You have the wrong name and the wrong number.
for this you have sold your sons forever? 
the ground from unborn feet forever
And you want the name of Hassan Sabbah on your filth deals 
To sell out the unborn? 
I rub out all the formulaes and directives of the Elders of Minraud forever
I rub out the word forever.

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