Friday, March 28, 2014

Friday's Weekly Round-Up - 170

William Burroughs Centennial - We'll begin with the above, a short biographical documentary put together by the Los Angeles Review of Books, featuring Burroughs' biographer, Barry Miles - "William S. Burroughs - 100 Years".

[William Burroughs, NYC, 1984  - Photograph c. Kate Simon]

James Parker, in The Atlantic, on Burroughs (and Miles' Burroughs biography) is well worth reading (as is Davis Schneiderman & Philip Walsh's 2004 Retaking the Universe - William S. Burroughs in the Age of Globalization, now presented with a new preface and  new introduction, and available, in its entirety, on line, at that nonpareil in Burroughs scholarship, the estimable Reality Studio site)  

Other Beats - Todd Tietchen on his custodianship of Kerouac's The Haunted Life.

And here's Paul Maher Jr in the Los Angeles Review of Books (them again!) on that book.

And Douglas Kennedy in The New Statesman on Kerouac and Burroughs

Here's a sweet personal piece we missed - Guillermo Parra on "Visiting Jack Kerouac in St.Petersburg" (Florida).  Kerouac traces. If you're ever in Florida, don't miss out on the Kerouac house.

And another personal note - Tina Siegel looks back on Ed Sanders'  2000 biography-in-verse of Allen,  The Poetry and Life of Allen Ginsberg.  

There's another review of that book here 

 - and another one here 

Kill Your Darlings DVD is now released (in limited markets).  Screenwriters, Austin Bunn and John Krokidas speak about the film here.

next week - in New York - next Thursday, in fact - CUNY's admirable Lost & Found Series (see here and here) inaugurate Lost & Found Series IV - "Editors will read, perform, present multimedia and discuss their projects, which include [sic] the Pauline Kael and Robert Duncan correspondence, a film script by Ed Dorn intended for Stan Brakhage, Adrienne Rich's CUNY teaching materials... and more. For further information on that event - see here   


  1. Also of note is the publication of the collected poems of Elise Cowen (friend of Ginsberg, typist of Kaddish), edited by Tony Trigilio (author of Allen Ginsberg's Buddhist Poetics).

    1. Coincidentally(?) Elise Cowen and this book will be featured this coming Tuesday on the Allen Ginsberg Project