Thursday, January 2, 2014

Allen Ginsberg Praises Bob Dylan

One of Allen's sound-bytes  from "No Direction Home

"(There is a) very famous saying among the Tibetan Buddhists, if the student is not better than the teacher then the teacher 's a failure,  and I was really knocked out by the eloquence [of Bob Dylan] , particularly, "I'll know my song well before I start singing".."where all souls shall reflect it".. you know, stand on the mountain, where everybody can hear. It's sort of this Biblical prophecy. Poetry is words that are empowered that make your hair stand on end. that you recognize instantly as being some form of subjective truth that has an  objective reality to it because somebody's realized it and then you call it poetry later."  

More Allen praise of Bob Dylan here


  1. uh... The title of this blogspot is "Allen Ginsberg "eulogizes" Bob Dylan." Dylan's still alive.

    1. An initial error, eagle-eyed Anonymous, which was swiftly corrected (tho' "Eulogy", it should be pointed out, strictly speaking, doesn't, of necessity, imply its subject's passing) - Allen Ginsberg "Praises" Bob Dylan is the header, "Praise" is the verb in the text - and obviously no harm or miscommunication was intended - Hope this clears that up