Friday, August 2, 2013

Friday's Weekly Round-Up - 137

Bella Freud Ginsberg is god

[Beat Merchandizing - Ginsberg is God sweater by Bella Freud  

Comedy Central's "roasting" of the actor James Franco takes place this month in Los Angeles (and will be aired on that (television) channel on September 2nd. Upcoming Ginsberg mockery?
(Boxer, Mike Tyson, it might be recalled, gave Allen a surprising, and curiously-respectful, name-check in an earlier roasting) 

Ginsberg and cats. We've been wanting to publish this shot forever


and now we have an excuse - Liz Acosta's erudite article (sic) - "Burberry" as Jack Kerouac?, "Dorothy the cat as Allen Ginsberg?   

Elvis Costello has some explaining to do (well, he - or rather his Blue Note Records label boss, Don Washave already agreed and explained it, actually!) - cover art for Wise Up Ghost, the upcoming new record.

We've complained here of "The Beat Goes On", tired, lazy cliche's - but how about this as a headline - "Noodles Ginsberg Howled For Return For Second Serving" - (uh?) - The story (non-story) involves the re-opening of an East Village noodle shop (Mee), around the corner from his 12th Street apartment, which Allen would latterly frequent. No fools the real-estate brokers so the Allen connection becomes a marketing op. 

& more depressing NYC real estate news - Mary Help of Christians (also noted on this blog earlier), the church across the street from Allen's 12th Street home, subject of any number of through-the-window shots, is being unceremoniously torn down (scaffolding now up), as we speak, to make way for property developer, Douglas Steiner's..ahem.. "urban development". 

Read, the current inhabitant of Allen's old apartment, Daniel Maurer's observations on the changes here

[Mary Help of Christians Church in New York City, awaiting demolition - Photograph by Greg Masters via E.V.Grieve]

Steven Bollinger here writes of, quite literally, bumping into Allen Ginsberg 

Joao Paulo Ramos had Allen Ginsberg (that's to say, an image of Allen Ginsberg) recently  tattoo-ed on his biceps

"The Howl Onesie" - $20  -  and here's more merchandise (City Lights merchandise) 

El Pais reviews  Diarios indios,  Daniel Ortiz Penate's translation of Indian Journals here 

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  1. Great photo of Allen and the cat and great article about Allen's old apartmemt. It's a shame that Bloomberg has allowed all this development-especially in the East Village and the Lower East Side. These areas should have been zoned. It's really too bad, but that's a discussion for another day.