Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Remembering Robert Creeley

                                 [Robert Creeley (1926-2005) - Photograph by Michael Romanos]

Robert Creeley would have been 87 today. We celebrate him always. We draw your attention to our previous Creeley birthday postings here and here.

An early shot and a late shot - Here's a 1954 Black Mountain College studio recording (from the incomparable trove at Pennsound). A twenty-eight-year-old Creeley reads
"The Rites", "The Crisis", "The Immoral Proposition", "For WCW", "The Carnival", "The Charm", "The Pedigree", "The Dishonest Mailman", "Apple Upffle", "The Revelation", "The Operation", "For Irving", "The Disappointment", "El Noche", "The Whip", "Like They Say", "A Song ("I had wanted a quiet testament")", "The Riddle", "The Ball Game", "The Innocence", and "Something For Easter"

and, almost five decades later, 2002, speaking to (ex SUNY Buffalo student) Michael Silverblatt on the phone on a snowy day in Buffalo (on the occasion of his Lannon Lifetime Achievement Award)  (includes a reading of the poem "Bresson's Movies")

A 1990 Lannon Foundation reading (very much worth re-viewing) may be accessed here 

Here's Bob, circa 2000, reading "After Lorca" - ("doucement, doucement")

Happy Birthday, Bob - thinking of you (Spring-time 2013).

[Allen Ginsberg  & Robert Creeley  in the West Garden of the St Marks Church, New York City, c.1996 - 
Photograph by Laura Leber - c. Laura Leber and The Poetry Project

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