Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Harry Smith Would Have Been 90 Years Old Today

Here's Dizzy Gillespie, in 1947, playing "Manteca". - click here

 Here's Harry Smith's transcription of the tune. Each paint stroke represents a musical note.

Here's another of Harry's extraordinary art works, an Untitled work, pastel on paper, from circa 1978, based on a series of 12 Zodiac designs  

And, while we're focusing on Harry, the painter, here's another

Harry, the painter, Harry, the film-maker (so far ahead of his time!). Here are the first of his "Early Abstractions"

Here's another manifestation of the man, celebration of his exemplary collection of "string figures"

[Harry Smith - Photo by Job Palmer - courtesy Harry Smith Archives]

Here is Richard "Rabbit" Brown singing "James Alley Blues"

As we reported here, Harry's archive (or, anyway, a significant part of it) was recently
acquired by the Getty Research Institute 

Extraordinary to contemplate, Harry Smith would've been 90 today. In honor of the occasion there's a celebration in New York at the Ace Hotel (there were earlier celebrations, earlier this month, in his birth-place, Oregon).

Thinking of you, Harry.  For further notices on Harry on the Ginsberg Project, see here, here and here.

[Harry Smith and Allen Ginsberg  in 1988 in Ginsberg's New York City apartment,
437 East 12th Street - photograph by Brian Graham - Copyright the photographer]

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