Friday, May 10, 2013

Friday Weekly Round-Up - 125

[Allen Ginsberg and Naomi Ginsberg, both at the age of 30 - drawings by R.B.Kitaj, included in Kaddish, White Shroud, and Black Shroud by Allen Ginsberg, with an Introduction by Helen Vendler, and lithograph portraits of the poet and his mother by R.B.Kitaj, Arion Press, San Francisco, 1992]

All the attention on Beat Memories (Allen's photo-show, concluding recently in New York City but about to open, May 23, in San Francisco) but, as Susan Anderson of the Special Collections at UCLA library has observed, there's a "third, lesser-known hub" of Beat culture" - Los Angeles (two shows, well worth catching, are currently running concurrently - "Beat 101", in the Powell Library, and "I'm A Stranger Here Myself - Poets in Post World-War II L.A.", in the Charles E Young Research Library). Center-piece of the UCLA presentation is an early mimeo (sic) edition of "Howl" and one of the rare 1992 Arion Press editions of "Kaddish" (with "White Shroud" and "Black Shroud"), illustrated by R.B.Kitaj.

Here, while we're on the subject of Kitaj is his wonderful drawing of Robert Duncan

[The Poet Writing (Robert Duncan) - R.B.Kitaj, c. The Estate of R.B.Kitaj, courtesy Marlborough Gallery New York]

and - one more - the dual portrait of Robert Duncan and Robert Creeley

[A Visit To London (Robert Creeley and Robert Duncan) - R.B.Kitaj  c. The Estate of R.B.Kitaj, courtesy Marlborough Gallery, New York] 

Tonight - in San Francisco - (for those of you in the Bay Area) - "an all-star line-up of poets" - Gary Snyder, Joanne Kyger, Michael McClure, Malcolm Margolin and Gary Lawless (with guest MC Patricia Wakida) will read in celebration of the publication of Nanao Sakaki's Collected Poems. More details are available here  

[Nanao Sakaki (1923-2008) - Photograph by John Suiter


  1. Really enjoy the Friday round-ups, HUM HUM! You seem to always alert us eager readers to some new production/publication/exhibition/milestone/scandal/happening in the world of Beatdom.

    There is one thing that would make the site just a wee bit better - if, when you clicked a link, a new tab/window opened, instead of taking the reader off the site. This is an easy thing to do when making links. Anyway, give it some thought.

    And while we're at it - those annoying words a commentator has to try and decipher then type in correctly in order to post are (as they say in New England) wicked annoying! That could be one reason why fewer people post comments.

    Regardless - thanks for the hard work over the years and for providing such a great resource.

  2. Thanks lescaret, that little captcha nuisance is supposed to filter out auto spammers, but we'll lift if off for a while and see if the spam is even that bad. Definitely worth it if it'll encourage more comments. Will try directing links to open in a new window too. It's a preferential thing I guess. I find that if they open in a new window I end up with 20 open window before long. The upside though is you can view several windows side by side. Cheers, Peter