Monday, November 12, 2012

Ginsberg Recordings - A New Website



Hot news! - Just wanted to let y'all know that our official Ginsberg Recordings website is now finally up-and-running!  It’s the sister-site to, both of them run by the Allen Ginsberg Estate.  Pop on over and take a look. We’re planning to keep it active with loads of free audio content, as well as a store where you're able to buy the official releases, so, get ready for all manner of delights, spread the word and, please, check back often!

—woken dizzy from nicotine sleep—papers piled on my desk
myself lost in manila files of yellow faded newspaper Clippings
at last after twenty five years tapes wound thru my brain
Library of my own deeds of music tongue & oratoric yell—

(from Grim Skeleton, December 16, 1977 (Collected Poems 1947-1997) Harper Collins 2006 / Plutonian Ode Poems, City Lights (1982))

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