Friday, November 9, 2012

Friday's Weekly Round-Up - 99

[Robert Frank at his Bleecker Street
apartment, NYC  June 1968. Photo
c. Allen Ginsberg Estate]
[Robert Frank, New Smyrna Beach Florida,we taught
together, Atlantic Center for Arts with jazz drummer Elvin
Jones three weeks, I used Robert's Polaroid, he'd brought
plastic container to wash the negative, water warmed on
rented auto back seat floor parked in sun, negative ruined
peeling, got one print, made copy negative -- this is it,
Frank in U.S.A. June 1984. (Ginsberg caption) photo c
Allen Ginsberg Estate]



Robert Frank's 88th birthday today!  Happy Birthday, Robert - "You got eyes"!

Another octogenarian birthday coming up - David Amram turns 82 on November 17. Tonight, in New York City, at Symphony Space, Pete Seeger's Clearwater Foundation will be honoring him. Lawrence Kraman's documentary feature, "David Amram: The First 80 Years" will be shown, followed by a concert featuring Seeger, Cuban instrumentalist Paquito D'Rivera, Peter Yarrow, Tom Paxton, John Sebastian, Josh White, Jr, and many others.  A recent feature on Amram (from the estimable Truth-Out) may be accessed here

Ginsberg the cook. We've featured this aspect on several previous posts - the cool summer borscht, the infamous soup - here's notes on Allen's Indian cooking. Bon appetit! 

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