Saturday, September 22, 2012

Ginsberg Recordings Holy Soul Jelly Roll

Ginsberg Recordings brand-new digitalized re-released recordings of Holy Soul Jelly Roll is our focus today. All four sets are now available on i-Tunes:

Vol. 4- Ashes & Blues from Holy Soul Jelly Roll is out TODAY on Amazon! First of four digital re-release of Holy Soul Jelly Roll. Ought to be up on iTunes soon.

Vol. 3- Ah! from Holy Soul Jelly Roll is available on iTunes today:

Steven Taylor's piece in Reality Sandwich is an absolute must-read -"When I first heard his songs, at the performance in the spring of 1976 where I sat in on guitar, I found them fascinating", he writes, "It was the words, the brilliance and wit of them. Words, obviously, came to him easily. He could improvise blues lyrics and rhymes endlessly.."  Holy Soul Jelly Roll is.. "a testament to and an instance of the return of poetry to the voice, (and) it's also testament to new media".

Last night's official launch of this, Ginsberg Recordings' initial recording, was, we're happy to report, a resounding success (great readings by everyone - we'll be reporting on this more next week) - and more (much more) to follow.

 [Anne Waldman, Steven Taylor, Eliot Katz, Alex Dimitrov, reading at Ginsberg in the Galleries: Holy Soul Jelly Roll Album Release at The Rubin Museum of Art. Poets and friends of Ginsberg. Photo: copyright Lawrence Schwartzwald(No reproduction without express permission).Photo: copyright Lawrence Schwartzwald(No reproduction without express permission).]

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