Friday, September 28, 2012

Friday Weekly Round-Up - 93

100 Thousand Poets For Change tomorrow - the extraordinary global poetry-peace celebrations, spearheaded by Michael Rothenberg and Terri Carrion, kicks off with a three-day festival at TPC's Santa Rosa, California, Headquarters today (Friday). For details of that event, click here (for details of 100 Thousand Poets For Change click here - for a schedule of tomorrow's multi-various happenings (way way too many to enumerate), click here  

More word on last week's Ginsberg Recordings event.  (We posted a few images last Saturday, here). Jameson Fitzpatrick's review of the evening (complete with further images) can now be read here).

Bob Rosenthal kicks off the night

Yes, Holy Soul Jelly Roll  is now digitally available.

Among the readers that night - Bob Rosenthal . We've already spotlighted Bob's memoirs here (and, actually, also, here). Michalis Limnios now adds him to the already-remarkable roster of interviews on his exemplary Blues and Greece site. It's another "must-read" - "The Trust of Bodhisattva" -

ML: How do you describe Allen Ginsberg's life?
BR: Radical amazement. He lived five lifetimes in one.
ML: What characterizes Allen Ginsberg's bohemian way of life?
BR: The non-accumulation of possessions.
ML: Which is the most interesting period in Allen Ginsberg's life and why?
BR: Interesting has no meaning here - but I will venture to say his death.
MR: Which memory from Allen Ginsberg's adventures makes you smile?
BR: His political bravery - such as making peace between the Hell's Angels and the Anti-(Vietnam) War marchers, Berkeley 1965 - many other instances!....

The full interview can be read here

Arthur Knight, respected Beat scholar, passed away earlier this month - "The Unspeakable Visions of the Individual".  Jerry Cimino's Beat Museum has an obituary notice on him. He was 74.

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