Thursday, September 13, 2012

Arkardi Dragomoschenko (1946-2012)

Arkadii Dragomoshchenko, photo by Susanne Christensen.
[Arkardi Dragomoschenko (1946-2012) - photo by Susanne Christensen]

Sad to report news, just in, of the death of Arkardi Dragmoschenko - the pre-eminent Russian experimental poet, (the link between the contemporary avant-garde and the American "Language" poets). Here's Charles Bernstein (his friend and colleague)'s note in Jacket2 . Here, as he points out, are the plethora of links available at PennSound (including a conversation with University of Pennsylvania students that aired 2010 on Bernstein's "Close Listening" program). Jerome Rothenberg includes a translation of Arkardi's poem "Paper Dreams" and remembers his friend, here. A Russian farewell note (for those of you conversant with the Russian) may be read here. More (many more) memories and thoughts and appreciations (of course) to follow.

[Arkardi Dragomoschenko - photograph - from his "Cities, Paris, May 2009" collection - see here]

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