Sunday, July 8, 2012

Beck and Shelley

In keeping with our disjunctive don't-forget-the-anniversary posts.. (see, for example, here) - Beck's (42nd) birthday and the (190th) anniversary of Shelley's tragic, drowning-in-a-shipwreck, death-day today, (Sunday, July the 8th).

The late Allen Ginsberg and Beck In Conversation - A Beat/Slacker Transgenerational Meeting of Minds first appeared in the Shambhala Sun in January of 1997 and is well-worth re-posting.

And for the legendary story of Shelley's demise, check out noted biographer Richard Holmes' piece in The Guardian here.

(It's also Percy Grainger's birthday - watch some wild virtuoso piano-playing here)

(and - goodness! how could we have forgotten? - Peter Orlovsky's birthday! - he would have been 79 years old today)

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