Sunday, June 3, 2012

Allen Ginsberg's 86th Birthday

[Self portrait on my 70th birthday, in Borsolino hat and cashmere silk-scarf from Milan, and Dublin Thornproof-tweed suit, Oleg Cassini tie from Goodwill shirt from same source, kitchen window mid-day, I stayed home and worked on Selected Poems 1947-'95 after returning from Walker Arts Center reading - Beat exhibition weekend. Monday, June 3, 1996. N.Y - Allen Ginsberg (photo c. Allen Ginsberg Estate)]

The flowering dogwood is flowering again in the churchyard at St Mark's Church. It flowered early this year. It's that time of year again, Happy 86th Birthday, Allen!


  1. What a beautiful tradition! I will have to visit the garden soon.

  2. Is a really really nice blog!
    I let you a spanish reading of a Gingsberg´s poem: