Monday, March 12, 2012

Jack Kerouac's Birthday

[(top to bottom) Jack Kerouac, Tangier Beach, 1957; Jack Kerouac, New York City 1944; Allen Ginsberg & Jack Kerouac, New York City, 1944-45; Jack Kerouac, Tompkins Park, New York City, 1953; Jack Kerouac, Tompkins Park, New York City, 1953; Jack Kerouac, Staten Island Ferry Dock, New York City, 1953; Jack Kerouac, Tangier, Morocco, 1957; (Photos c. Allen Ginsberg Estate)]

Handsome Jack through Allen's lens. Jack Kerouac would've been 90 years old today. Happy Birthday Jack! - There's another portfolio of photos of him over at Slate (Jack Kerouac and the Beat Generation - images by Elliott Erwitt, and by Burt Glinn, under the auspicies of the famed Magnum Photos agency - there's even an image there of Allen by Cartier-Bresson, (Greenwich Village, 1959), and Glinn's snaps of Corso, Bremser, Baraka, Ted Joans, "Beat Poetry" parties, etc, etc - but, Kerouac's our focus today - And not just for the "matinee-idol looks". Go back to the books - (and not just On The Road - the whole extraordinary Duluoz Legend - ("My work comprises one vast book like Proust's Remembrance of Things Past..", Kerouac once wrote), the now canon-ized prose, the still-woefully-underestimated poems, the spiritual-philosophical investigations... Happy Birthday Jack!

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