Saturday, November 19, 2011

Celebrating Joanne Kyger

Today is the wonderful Joanne Kyger's birthday. We salute and we celebrate her. We draw your attention first to our last year's posting (which included various photographs, and links to her 2007 reading at the University of California, Berkeley). Here's another Kyger reading (from Columbia College, Chicago, the following year. Here is her page on PennSound which includes such gems as her appearance in 1965 at the Berkeley Poetry Conference, a 1971 (and 2011!) reading in Bolinas, a 1976 reading at San Francisco's Intersection, reading (rare video) in New York in 1978, a reading for SPD, San Francisco, in 2008, and various miscellaneous talk, commentary and poems. What isn't there (but perhaps should be?) is this little snippet from a November 2000 reading at the University of Maine, Joanne's 2005 reading in Willits, California, and the Joanne Kyger/NAROPA materials (from the invaluable Internet Archive).
Interviews with Trevor Carolan and with Simon Pettet are available here and here. Secondary sources would also include - essential - Jacket's Joanne Kyger Feature (edited by Linda Russo - which includes further interviews with Linda Russo and with Dale Smith).
Two Joanne E-books - Permission By The Horns (2008 - Ungovernable Press) and Loose Renditions (Poems 2006-2007) (2008 - Coyote's Journal).
More poems here, here, here, here, here, and here.

Joanne Kyger by Andrew Kenower
[Joanne Kyger, Kyoto-Japan Sea visit with Gary S. 1963 Summer. I was on my way back home from India to Vancouver Poetry Conference, she and Snyder-san were studying Zen at Daitoku-ji. Here at Shingon Temple in Western Kyoto: Arhat, Peach in hand, bib & hat for special attention, maybe help make babies. (Ginsberg caption) photo c. Allen Ginsberg Estate]

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