Monday, November 21, 2011

Ai Weiwei - continuing

Our initial post from this past April, we draw your attention to (but this is very much an "on-going" story, as we noted then). Other pertinent posts here on the Allen Ginsberg Project regarding Ai Weiwei include: notes on his 2011 NYC Asia Society exhibition (here - and with further remarks and commentary here) and video of Geandy Pavon's stunning urban guerilla projection (sic - that took place contemporaneous with his detention) - as well as tracking (some tracking) of the story (via reporting from the London-based Guardian, and the always-provocative, always-intelligent, Hyperallergic).

This very week (today, in fact), Ai appears on the cover of the current (international) edition of Newsweek magazine, in an exclusive interview - "Ai Weiwei - Chinese Dissident Artist Speaks About His Prison Ordeal" (with the delightfully-named Isaac Stone Fish). The full text of that interview may be read here.

The trailer for Alison Klayman's film, "Ai Weiwei - Never Sorry" has been out for some time now (it's actually scheduled now, not for 2011 (as the above image shows), but for a, 2012 - maybe Sundance - release) and is well worth viewing. It may be seen here.

Klayman talks about the subject of her film and her experience with him, on CNN, here.

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