Monday, October 17, 2011

Ginsberg and OWS continues

["Occupy Wall Street protester Kai C. reads the book "Fall of America" by Allen Ginsberg as he sits at a tent city in front of Oakland city hall on October 13, 2011 in Oakland, California.." - image via Emirates 24/7 Getty Images/AFP]

More Ginsberg at Occupy Wall Street imagery. Following Dylan Spoelstra in New York last week (with Reality Sandwiches), here's "Kai C" in Oakland (with Fall of America). Allen is clearly being read, and thought about, a sane inspiration for protest, and that's good. In that spirit, we draw your attention to William Ney's 1988 interview (from The New Common Good). It's been up there on the right hand side in our " Online Interviews, Essays & Articles" listing for some time now (we draw your attention to that wealth of resources) but maybe there's so much that it's hard to discriminate/get to see everything, so we thought to point that one out. Allen's conversation was recorded shortly after the infamous Tompkins Square Park Riot

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  1. my names kai cherniac. thats awesome. fight the power!