Friday, September 2, 2011

Friday 's Weekly Round-Up 39

We've directed you before to the Schule Fur Dichtung (Vienna Poetry School)
and its instigator, Ide Hintze. Here is "poe:tik revolu:son", an hommage, featuring the recorded voice of Allen.
Here's a cosmic evocation of "Footnote to Howl" from Galician Spain ("dous fragmentos de "Musica para un Ouveo""). Poet-translator Xoan Abeleira joins composer Borja Costa (with improvised piano accompaniment by Jose Ramon Garcia Vasquez)

Here's the famous William Buckley, 1968, "Firing Line" t.v. appearance, acted out with sock-puppets (that's right, acted out with sock-puppets!)

An all-videos "Friday Round-Up" this week on The Allen Ginsberg Project.

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