Friday, August 19, 2011

Friday's Weekly Round-Up 37

[photo from The Garden of Forking Paths Outdoor Sculpture Project. Part 2.
series - by Didier ]

International edition. Images of Allen, right now, adorn a patch of bucolic woodland in rural Switzerland - The Garden of Forking Paths (the title is, of course, a Borges-ian steal) - an outdoor sculpture project, instigated by the Migros Museum, on the Blum family estate, in Samstagern, near Zurich, which features Canadian artist, Geoffrey Farmer, and his Ginsberg piece - "The Invisible Worm That Flies In The Night" (the line from Blake, of course). Various photographs of Allen are framed and displayed, mounted on trees in this unlikely setting.

Meanwhile, last weekend, in Trujillo, Peru - "Aullidos; poesia y narrativa" (presented as an hommage to "poeta norteamericano Allen Ginsberg". The event we hear went well. Here is the poster:

Next weekend he's celebrated in Romania

And here's Howl in a distinctive Hungarian (Lazio Foldes, "Hobo", from the Hobo Blues Band's 1987 recording of "Uvoltes")

Did we tell you that a Howl Turkish movie exists? You can watch the whole thing
here, (complete with English sub-titles).

Today, it behooves us to say, marks the 75th anniversary of the poet Federico Garcia Lorca's murder, at the hands of a fascist death squad, 1936, in the early days of the Spanish Civil War.

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