Monday, August 29, 2011

Charlie Parker's Birthday

[Charlie Parker 1920-1955]

August 29, it's Charlie Parker's birthday. We continue our jazz salutes.

Steve Silberman: Yeah, and that poem (Kerouac's "Mexico City Blues" [not to mention, your own work]) was very much influenced by Charlie Parker who you knew, or saw.

Allen Ginsberg: I saw him a number of times, yeah. In those days - meaning the early '50s and early '60s - the musicians, though, they were barred from playing in the clubs under the cabaret licensing laws, which were quite fascist. Anybody who had been busted couldn't play in a cabaret, and if you couldn't play in a cabaret, you couldn't make money in New York, simple as that. So they had to play wherever they could - in lofts, in scenes. There was a place on Sunday, The Open Door, some impresario - no alcohol. You'd contribute what you could, and Charlie Parker played. I used to go Saturday or Sunday afternoons.."

Charlie Parker feeling no pain.

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