Saturday, July 16, 2011

More Mantras (ASV 11)

Mantras, more mantras. We'd draw your attention to a previous weekend posting (not to mention, a deep "AH" mantra here). One of the treasures unearthed in the recent Yippie-FBI file-dump - sacred typed ephemera - was this: "Youth International Party ! ! ! !" (it reads), "presents Allen Ginsberg Mantra Singing, Prayer and Poetry", "printed for Yippie! Festival by Lemar International Press, Chicago, 27 August,(19)68 (sic)".
Chicago 1968, a very important time for chanting. Allen, leading a gathering on the shores of Lake Michigan has been documented for posterity here:

and his response to the news-reporter's question as to Allen's opinion of the Chicago march ("react to what?"):

The third and final "Allen Chanting" (in our list of "Streaming Video") is among, perhaps, the best-known clips of him around - his appearance on William F Buckley's tv show Firing Line, chanting Hare Krishna to a clearly-entranced William Buckley (taped on May 7 1968 - the interview may be seen in its entirety here).

Yet more mantras, here's two minutes of Vajra Mantra (recorded April 15 1972 at Western Illinois University)
and we reminded you of Pacific High Studio Mantras, yes?
- and more to come.


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