Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Alex Trocchi (1925-1984)

Following up on our post on the pivotal figures of Wholly Communion, here's a documentary on Scottish novelist, junkie, and sometime Situationist, Alexander Trocchi. The documentary is in two parts (the second can be accessed here).
Trocchi's was a pretty remarkable life. Andrew Murray Scott's 1992 Alexander Trocchi: The Making of The Monster was the first pioneering biography (this, in combination with Invisible Insurrection of a Million Minds, his "Trocchi Reader" of a year before, sparked a renewal of interest in this hitherto forgotten writer). More recently, Gill Tasker has provided a useful introduction, "remind(ing) us why Trocchi is still hugely important and perhaps a little overlooked ". Other secondary sources include Allen Campbell and Tim Niel's book-length extension of their film, A Life In Pieces: Reflections on Alex Trocchi, Stewart Home (arguing for the unity of his work, both the "literary novels" and the pornography - see his introductions to Young Adam and White Thighs), Tim Cumming (writing on the occasion of the film adaptation of Young Adam), Denis Brown (another first-hand and late encounter), and this article (by Anna Battista, which incorporates a profile of Trocchi's last partner, Sally Child).
Trocchi's key Situationist article, "A Revolutionary Proposal:Invisible Insurrection of a Million Minds", originally published as "Technique du corps du monde" in Internationale Situationniste #8, January 1963, along with several other texts, can be read here.
And here, for the true devotee, transcription of taped conversation with Allen recorded in London, November 1979.

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