Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Beat Treasures 3

May 3 2011 - Note: We've been unable to load any of the links from the SSC Archives site, even with the latest real audio player installed, but thought we'd post this perchance someone out there is able to, and could clue everyone else into how to. Not having any luck reaching SSC Archives either

update May 4 2011 - We've contacted the SSC Archives admin and are told things should be back up shortly. They've gone through a website revamp and obviously have some kinks to sort out

March 2012 update - These remarkable resources have now been made available via You Tube

Following the extraordinary material announced here and here, here’s another archive of “Beat treasures”. An “online exhibit”, featuring material from the April 1973 (Jack) Kerouac Symposium at Salem State College. In short video clips, Allen “describes his feelings upon seeing Kerouac in his coffin”’; “discusses his interview in Gay Sunshine magazine in which he revealed his homosexual encounters with Kerouac”; "discusses a section from On The Road”; “discusses Kerouac’s last meeting with Neal Cassady in June of 1964 in New York City”; and, (with Andrew Latham and Gregory Corso), “discuss(es) “the legend of Kerouac’s “teletype” writing technique”. There is also audio of Allen reading “Memory Gardens”, “Dream Record, June 9, 1955” and Kerouac’s “Scripture of The Golden Eternity (number 64)”. Gregory Corso is also included, reading his poem, “The Mad Yak”.

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