Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Allen Ginsberg's Parinirvana

14 years ago today Allen died (in his recently-purchased New York City (East Village) loft, surrounded by a select circle of family and friends. Here’s Rosebud Pettet’s lucid description of that occasion Here’s Colin Still’s and Jonas Mekas’ documentary footage.
Here’s Gelek Rinpoche’s first hand account - “I wrote my own funeral poem”.,. Allen told him, shall I read it to you?

["Gone Gone Gone
" Collected Poems 1947-1997 NY, Harper Perennial 2006]
Allen, of course, is far from gone, his spirit lives on with the flowering dogwood each year. For more memorials/tributes (an extensive list of memorials/tributes) scroll down on the list on the right hand side of this page.


  1. Lawrence Ferlinghetti reading "Allen Ginsberg Dying"
    The text of the poem can be found at

  2. Thank you for making all of this available online. It is appreciated.