Wednesday, January 19, 2011

At Apollinaire's Grave

No, it's not James Franco and Aaron Tveit, it's not, clearly, Allen and Peter, it's Peter Bulcock as The Poet (taking Allen's place) and Aden Cardy-Brown as Guillaume Apollinaire (taking Peter's place) in this hommage to Harold Chapman's iconic photograph, "taken in the same place, on the same (Parisian) bench", last year, during a gap in the filming of Nic Saunders' upcoming short feature, At Apollinaire's Grave ("based on the poetry of Allen Ginsberg"). Saunders' 14167 Productions have already been responsible for an award-winning short, Curses and Sermons, based on a poem by fellow-Beat, Michael McClure. At Apollinaire's Grave continues the series. A trailer for the for McClure one is here, the Ginsberg one, here .
And here is the poster:

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  1. Where can I check these two out? The website has whet my appetite as they seem to be real labors of love.