Friday, November 19, 2010

Happy Birthday Joanne Kyger

[Joanne Kyger, hills leading to Himalayan Peaks, studying guidebook on wall in Amora, we were on Pilgrimage to Buddhist sites, here visiting Lama Govinda, March 1962. (c. Allen Ginsberg Estate)]

[Joanne Kyger, Allen's kitchen, 437 East 12th St.NYC, November 1989]

Here's Joanne reading for UC Berkeley's Lunch Poems series a few years back. (a fantastic series, if you're unaware of it - definitely worth checking out also, when you get time, all the other readers).
After a bit of an extended intro (by Robert Hass), she finally starts reading, beginning her set approximately 6 minutes in.

And another more recent photo by John Sarsgard, taken last summer at Joanne's home in Bolinas.

[Joanne Kyger, Bolinas, CA 2010. c. John Sarsgard]


  1. Kyger takes you into her experience, about which she is unduly modest. A superb poet who speaks quietly and knows what she's talking about.