Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Gone Travelling and John Lennon doc teaser

A few of us here are gone traveling across the country and globe for the next few weeks and likely we won't be able to keep this up as regularly as we usually do. We should be back up 'n' running full speed ahead after December 14th. In the meantime, we'll leave you with this trailer for the PBS American Masters John Lennon documentary. In case you missed it, and are in the US, they're airing it a few more times next week.


  1. Jack Foley show with interesting Ginsberg readings:

  2. Thanks for this. We've gone and added it to our Streaming Audio links.
    Check out on the right-hand side here for a whole lot more Ginsberg audio (and video).

  3. Allen on Burroughs. Here's some vintage audio from 1975.,com_alphacontent/section,98/cat,27/Itemid,187/

    SAVE ALLEN GINSBERG! We are raising funds to digitize and preserve dozens of deteriorating recordings made by legendary radio producer and scholar Charles Ruas. In collaboration with archives and libraries and, with Ruas' counsel, we are finding incredible stuff from Burroughs and Borges to Williams and Wilson.
    Visit our Contribute page to support this effort.