Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Dope Fiend Blues

We're not supposed to encourage online posting of copyrighted materiel outright, but we figure just one track from a full album doesn't hurt and well, maybe just might rouse some curiosity in the album First Blues which the good people at Water Records/Runt Distribution reissued in 2006, complete with original liner notes, (which is available on the shop among other places.) This is such a great recording of Dope Fiend Blues.

Allen writes: Read between the lines you get Orient non-attachment rather than Western addiction. Jon Sholle guitar thru pig-amp sets funky '50's style. (Steven) Taylor's letter-perfect vocal harmony was practiced thru five years' fun in Europe & America at poetry readings


  1. Thanks for the great track. I'm super excited for the Howl movie and discovered your site looking for info about it. I also discovered a great BBC interview on Google Video that you'll love. It comes from '94 and it's a long, freewheeling conversation that reminds me what a funny, insightful guy old AG was. Enjoy:

  2. Thank Joel! Definitely great interview and worth posting here too. We'll post it with a link to yr blog in few days. Cheers

  3. Hi.
    I simply must comment (since I couldnt find your e-mail adress)
    This post made me jump and shout (with joy)

    Here I am, unable to sleep and just googling around, and I stumble across your blog. Scrollin' down I see a post about First Blues which I just purchased and reading on see a youtube video. Pressing the play button my heart jumps (with joy)

    You see, this is my video. That is to say my upload. I'm so glad someone found it, AND that it made its way here.
    Perhaps strange, but it made me feel all warm.

    Thanks for a great blog!