Tuesday, August 24, 2010

On vacation, Back September 2.

We're taking some badly needed time off, but will be back in full swing September 2! We'll leave you with these two William F Buckley clips. One with Allen the other with Timothy Leary. Alas, they're not entire interviews, but fun stuff here nonetheless.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Jack Kerouac And Allen Ginsberg: The Letters. New York Sunday Times Review

Ok, this is really old news, but better late than never, yes. Well, we kinda didn't jump all over this review since we're not totally thrilled with it. It's not a bad review by any stretch, but there's no real direct engagement with the substance of the letters. It is a big review nevertheless, and, besides, the Letters even got another mention last Sunday in the New York Sunday Book Review's ' Editors' Choice' section. That makes 3 mentions in the times in just one month!

Jump over to The Times online to read it there, or you can double click our nifty jpgs below.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

James Franco's Vanity Fair piece on playing the young Allen Ginsberg

Finding the Beat

Capturing the young Allen Ginsberg, as the author did for this month’s biopic Howl, means tweaked ears, a New Jersey accent, and a thorough understanding of what fueled the Beat poet’s masterpiece—and a landmark 1957 obscenity trial. read full story >>

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Happy Birthday Ed Sanders

[Ed Sanders in his leafy front yard, Woodstock New York, June 30, 1985 trying to put hubcap back on his front tire, I was on my way to visit Karmapa Monastic Center, top of nearby mountain, he was working with revived Fugs Poetry Rock Band, inventing "electronic lyre" and tuning Sappho's Mixolydian verse. (Allen Ginsberg caption)]

Monday, August 16, 2010

Sean Wilentz: Bob Dylan in America

The New Yorker has printed an excerpt from Sean Wilentz' forthcoming Bob Dylan in America, due out next month & published by Doubleday. Sean's father Eli, and uncle, Ted, ran the Eighth Street Bookshop on West 8th Street and MacDougal Street in New York City's Greenwich Village, where Allen & Peter stayed briefly after returning from 3 years of travel around the world, which is also where Allen met Bob Dylan for the first time. Sean Wilentz is the Sidney and Ruth Lapidus Professor of History at Princeton University where he's taught since 1979.

New Yorker music critic Alex Ross does a quick Q&A with Wilentz this week in the New Yorker as well >>

And.. for those of you in the NYC area, Wilentz will be reading and signing his book, Tuesday, September 7 at Spoonbill & Sugartown Books in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. 7pm.

Bob Dylan, the Beat Generation, and Allen Ginsberg’s America

Photograph: Allen Ginsberg, Peter Orlovsky, Barbara Rubin, Bob Dylan, and Daniel Kramer backstage at McCarter Theater, in Princeton, New Jersey, September, 1964. © Daniel Kramer.

Bob Dylan in America,” by the historian Sean Wilentz, will be published in September by Doubleday. The following excerpt is Chapter 2 of the book.

Penetrating Aether: The Beat Generation and Allen Ginsberg’s America

by Sean Wilentz

Aaron Copland’s first important musical project after Billy the Kid was to write the score, in 1939, for a film by the innovative director Lewis Milestone, made from John Steinbeck’s novella about hard-luck migrant workers in California, Of Mice and Men.

Read complete excerpt >>

New York Magazine are also giving Wilentz pretty decent props. >>

Friday, August 13, 2010

Harold Chapman: My Best Shot

Things seem to hit critical mass every now and again, and it's especially the case for Harold Chapman and his photo of Allen & Peter at St-Germain-des-Pres, Paris 1956. Rob Epstein and Jeffrey Friedman recreated the shot in Howl film, out in September, and it's been used quite often in connection with the film. Chapman by coincidence has a show up this month at Chelsea Proud Gallery in London, mentioned on this blog a few weeks ago, and that's added to the photo's popularity. Now we get Chapman's take on the photo:

437 East 12th Street in Transition

Rosebud Pettet came by yesterday wondering what's become of Allen's old apartment on East 12th since we'd all heard they'd started gutting it after Peter Orlovsky died. We thought we'd sneak in and see what was left. Luckily the workmen were sympathetic and let us snoop around. Of course we snapped a few shots. Our apologies the quality ain't better, but tiptoeing around workers and over rubble had its effect, and well, obviously the iPhone is no match for Allen's Olympus XA!

And what became known as "Harry's Room" ever since his 9 month stay in 1985, has been converted into a bathroom. That doorway and room behind it are in so many photos taken at the kitchen table.

["Harry Smith archive-genius painter filmmaker exhausted 3 A.M. Car had backed into him, compression-fractured knee, he stayed nine months in small guest-room behind his shoulder the door. Homeless in New York! June 17, 1985 (Ginsberg caption) c. Allen Ginsberg Estate]

["Harry Smith with Flowers and Cigarette in the kitchen 437 East 12th Street NYC, apple juice & file Folder of his designs on table, Portrait of first Cheka head propped on Piano in guest room, August 3, 1986. (Ginsberg caption)] c. Allen Ginsberg Estate]

[Harry Smith, 437 East 12th St. ca 1986. photo. c. Allen Ginsberg Estate.]

Rosebud Pettet at the entrance to the Long hallway with the doorway to the kitchen now blocked off.

Allen & William S Burroughs bidding Herbert Huncke farewell in the same hallway. Photo snapped circa 1975, just after Allen and Peter had moved in. (Photographer unknown.)

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Lenny Bruce Memorial at the Judson Church August 12, 1966

Lenny Bruce's memorial from 44 years ago today. Hosted by Paul Krassner, it includes performances by Joe Lee Wilson, Allen Garfield, The Fugs, Allen Ginsberg and Peter Orlovsky, Tony Scott Quartet, Jean Shepard, The Rev. Howard Moody, The Rev. Al Carmines and many more. Allen reads his poem"Who Be Kind to."

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Why We Love the Internets part 72: "Burroughs: The Movie" and "Flicker: Brion Gysin's Dream Machine"

There's just so much material out there, with content growing exponentially by the day that it's pretty much overwhelming, but there's still nothing like finding something you've been looking for for ages, and finding it. At long last we have a chance to see Howard Brookner's long out of print Burroughs the Movie from 1983. John Giorno had released it on VHS in the mid 80s, but then it just seemed to disappear. We weren't even able to find a decent jpg of the cover anyplace to post here, so without going to Allen's Collection at Stanford and scanning the cover, that fuzzy thing above will have to do. Film's got hilarious scenes with Terry Southern in the Bunker, Burroughs taking a stroll through his childhood St. Louis neighborhood, and conversing with his disapproving brother, as well as interviews with Lucien Carr, Patti Smith, and of course Allen Ginsberg, among many others.

While were posting films, thought we'd toss in this one by Canadian filmmaker Nik Sheehan on Brion Gysin's Dream Machine, titled Flicker, based on John Geiger's book Chapel of Extreme Experience: A Short History of Stroboscopic Light and the Dream Machine. Not our favorite film by any stretch, but it's definitely worth watching. It's got great interviews with the likes of Leila Hadley Luce, Jean-Jaques Lebel, DJ Spooky, Marianne Faithful & Genesis P. Orridge, and some fantastic moments with Iggy Pop. It's pretty much the only documentary out there that focuses on Gysin and his work, so hop on the couch and have a watch.

Alas.. we've been told Snag films, who's link to Flicker we posted, only works in the US! Huge apologies to our global friends, it is however available for purchase through the film's website.